Saturday, March 31, 2012

Makeup Geek E/S Haul

I am in love with the price and the quality! The first 8 e/s's to the left (neutral starter kit) was 35.99 on sale (usually 5.99 ea.) & the other set, 8 e/s's to the right (color starter kit) was 39.99. What a steal! The texture of the shadows are so soft & smooth! Stay tuned for swatches <3

Tendertones (US $15) - MAC Shop MAC Cook

MAC Tendertones were once permanent tinted lip balms with SPF 12. MAC describes the smell as "strawberry-kiwi". It's a synthetic scent. Most customers adore the smell but if you love the original vanilla scent of the lipglasses & lipsticks, these may not be for you. They released four shades: Hush, Hush, Purring, Hot 'n' Saucy & Tread Gently. Limited Edition!

Hush, Hush
(as shown in picture above) is a pink beige with gold shimmer. This provides no color, only shimmer. I feel it would look great over Honey Love matte l/s.

Purring is a tangerine orange with no shimmer. When Tendertone is applied it looks like a sheer coral on the lips but can also reflect off of the natural pigmentation. So it may look different on you than I.

Tread Gently is a sheer yellow/green shimmer. Similar to Hush, Hush with no pigmentation to add to the lips simply just shimmer.

Hot 'n' Saucy looks cherry-red in the pot also with no shimmer but once applied, it sheers down to a cute strawberry/watermelon pink.

Call Me Bubbles E/S Quad (US $38) - MAC Shop, MAC Cook

Call Me Bubbles (Satin) [TL] is a light beige color. A bit shimmery but sheer. Fresh Daily (Frost) [TR] is a light/med orange w/ a shimmer sheen & smooth texture, Full of Flavour (Matte) [BL] is a coral-pink, smooth but slightly chalky & Brash (Veluxe Pearl) [BR] is a frosted red-copper. Good color pay-off, soft & smooth. Limited Edition!

Optimistic Orange (US $20) - MAC Shop, MAC Cook

Optimistic Orange Cremeblend blush. Re-promote from MAC's Lillyland 2010. This blush is very pigmented, only apply to achieved desire of opaqueness. It is a cool toned orange. If applied sheer with the MAC #131 brush, the blush will appear as a gorgeous coral. Once applied, it seems to have a matte finish. Limited Edition!

Quick Sizzle L/S (US $14.5) - MAC Shop, MAC Cook

MAC Quick Sizzle l/s is a hot pink/fuscia with a matte finish. Creamy, soft, smooth with great pigmentation & very opaque. Limited Edition!